Doula: caregiver, trained labor companion

Denise Woods was first introduced to the birthing world 4 and a half years ago when her best friend requested her presence at her labor. What an enlightening experience it was! Her curiosity was peaked after witnessing birth and Denise was inspired to continue serving her community as a Birth Doula. In 2013 Denise completed her training at BINI Birth in Sherman Oaks and in 2015 became certified through Doulas of North America CD(DONA) and is a current member of the Doulas Association of Southern California. Being a certified yoga therapist, professional dancer and surfer, Denise uses her knowledge in these healing arts to guide her clients into creating the most empowered birth possible. Through education, trust and open-hearted listening she aims to provide a continuation of support for her clients to lean on.  


Birth is a transformational time for a woman and her family. At times of pivotal change support is called for, and that is where the Doula comes in. The Doula supports, educates  and empowers the woman through the birth experience so that she can make her best and most informed choices, creating a positive birth story to keep in her memory forever. To learn more about the doula's role and some of the benefits watch the video below.


If you are considering a Doula for your next birth, give me a call !

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