Denise Woods is grateful for each day she lives her dream as a Yoga Instructor, Dancer/Dance Instructor and Doula.  She began to form her dreams early on as a classically trained dancer since the age of 6 and then followed her love of dance to Cal State Long Beach. With a degree in Dance and Communications, she then moved onto dancing professionally in Los Angeles, New York City, and Santa Barbara.  Realizing her passion for not only dance but Yoga as well, she went onto become trained as a Yoga Instructor for kids and adults. As a  graduate of the Rainbow Kid's Yoga, 200 hour Yoga training  at the White Lotus Foundation, and now 500 hour certified through the Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Program; she now teaches throughout greater LA. Teaching at various dance/Yoga studios, corporations, schools and private homes, she has the opportunity to work in various settings and has learned to adapt to the unique needs of each class.  She has recently completed her third Yoga Retreat, leading week to weekend long trips with daily Yoga in beautiful locations. Denise is continually inspired by the way Yoga can positively transform a life at any age by setting constructive thoughts and habits. Denise finds the sparkle in each day by bringing out the essence of a person through the sacred practice of moving from within. By instilling a deep sense of joy and awareness, her hope is that clients take these virtues off the mat and into their lives. Over the last two years, Denise has become increasingly aware of the need for women's support through labor and felt compelled to help women through the role of birth Doula. Now certified through DONA as a birth doula, she currently assists women pre-labor and throughout the labor process. Denise is forever grateful to her family, friends,teachers and students for all of the guidance and support along the way.